Over 18 thousand transport cases across whole Europe yearly

Our partners fleet includes over 250 vehicle of all types – from small vehicles up to 1,5 tons capacity, across “lowdeck” trucks with tonnage 25 tons, to high-volume 120 CBM road trains

Full-truck-loads (FTL) in the “just in time” mode from 1 kg up to 25.000 kg both within or without European Union countries

FTL shipments from 1 kg to 25.000 kg within the Czech Republic are delivered in 24 hours

  • Express shipments
  • Less-than-truck-loads (LTL)
  • Groupage cargo transportations
  • Intermodal and multimodal transports
  • Transports with controlled temperature
  • Heavy and oversized transports
  • ADR transports
  • Customs clearances, storage services